Planning Your Marquee Wedding To The Last Detail

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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Cindy and last year my wonderful daughter Tina finally got married to the man of her dreams, Tony. Tony is an investment banker so they wanted to have a big wedding so they could show off to everyone how rich they were in both money and love. The only way to accommodate the large number of friends, family and other guest was to hire a marquee. We found a great event hire company who supplied everything we needed for my daughter's big day and the event was a massive success and I think everyone was really impressed.


Planning Your Marquee Wedding To The Last Detail

11 September 2017
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If you want to come up with your own wedding venue, a reflection of your own personality together with your own specifications, then think marquee weddings. However, there's a lot work that is involved and many things to consider.


You first need to find your own wedding venue. Some of the wedding venues will let you put up a marquee in their gardens and still allow you to use the main house during your ceremony and also offer you accommodation. Others will only let you use their land with buildings forming an elegant backdrop. If you choose to go for a marquee wedding so that you can use your own garden, ensure that your guests will be very comfortable.

If you choose to have your wedding at home, consider the logistics of your ceremony. 

Wedding Logistics

Ensure there are enough toilet facilities for your guests. Check if there's power or if you'll need to hire a generator and where you'll place it if you end up hiring one. Be sure to designate an area where wedding waste will be disposed. Have a place where your guests will park their vehicles. Also, have water for your caterers. Find out whether you'll need a wedding planner who will manage the function for you. Ask yourself if you'll need to provide security for your guests and if you'll need cleaners to clean the venue after the function. Should your guests need accommodation, take care of that too.

Marquee Wedding Design

After you've done the above, come up with the style of your marquee wedding. Decide whether you want a dance floor for your guests to loosen up after dinner or one big space. Will you prefer long tables or round tables? Will you prefer a carpet spread on the lawns?

Think carefully through your options since they'll have a cost implication. Therefore, be ready to let go some of the things that may not be important. You'll also have to think about the design of the marquee structure since there are a lot of marquee hire options to choose from. Therefore, do thorough research before asking for quotations. After settling on the design, seek assistance from the marquee company.

Ensure on your big day you've a reliable person who will make sure everything goes as planned. You wouldn't want to work or even worry on such an important day of your life. Instead, you should enjoy the day you planned.