A Few Simple Tips That Can Make Your Business Conference Successful and Enjoyable

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A Few Simple Tips That Can Make Your Business Conference Successful and Enjoyable

18 September 2017
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When planning a business conference, you want it to be informative and successful in getting your message across or in unveiling a new product or prototype. However, you also want it to be enjoyable for all those who attend. If your guests are uncomfortable, cannot see the speaker or items on display, cannot hear what's being said or feel crowded into a conference room, they may get distracted and miss out on the message of the conference. To ensure this doesn't happen, note a few tips for making a business conference both successful and enjoyable.

Be careful of your choice of chairs

You may be thinking of renting some fun and unique chairs for the event, or you may want very small chairs so that you can fit as many people as possible in a room. You might also be considering basic folding chairs that are inexpensive and easy to set up and take down.

However, note how comfortable those chairs will be for guests, especially for an all-day or weekend conference. If guests sit all day in stiff and uncomfortable chairs, or in chairs that offer little to no support or cushioning, they may not be able to focus on the material being presented. It can be worth the investment to get padded chairs rather than wood or metal folding chairs, and to choose chairs that are basic but comfortable rather than stylish but not very relaxing.

Don't skimp on the sound and lighting

The venue you choose for a conference may offer a podium with a built-in microphone, but this may not be enough to carry sound through the entire room, especially if that room gets very crowded with lots of attendees. In the same way, poor overhead lighting can mean that people struggle to see a whiteboard, display, or even the speaker.

Consider renting added lighting, even spotlights for items you want to display or a board you'll be using for writing. A rented sound system with larger speakers you can place around the room will also mean added comfort for guests, and will allow them to actually hear a presentation.

Ensure you have plenty of handouts

A schedule or program is always good for attendees of a conference, so they know what to expect and the credentials of the speakers. Be sure the handouts are properly displayed; you can have a rack by entryway doors and throughout the conference room, to ensure everyone gets a program or other handout, and they then get the most out of your conference.

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