Planning and Decorating Your Wedding Kids' Table

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Planning and Decorating Your Wedding Kids' Table

18 September 2017
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When choosing a seating plan for a wedding, many people opt to put kids on their own table. The benefits of this are that they're less likely to get bored, they're able to make new friends, and you're able to tailor the wedding experience to them more easily.

It's important to spend some time thinking about how you'll make the kids' table different from the adult tables, so your younger guests have a good time and you don't run into any unforeseen problems. Here are the main things to think about when you're planning.


Although there's nothing wrong with using the same colours and decor items as you do on the other tables, there's an opportunity to make the kids' table more appealing to younger eyes.

One way to do this is to choose fun, lively patterns that match your overall colour scheme. Even just stripes can make the table more exciting for children, and they can be used on tablecloths and various decorations.

A nice touch for a kids' table is to add extra balloons, ribbons, and other decorations, making it all a lot more fun. Watch their eyes light up when they see the final result.


If you have particularly young children attending, you might find they struggle with full-size chairs, so providing some smaller ones will help them sit comfortably. Don't forget that this, in turn, might mean they have trouble reaching the table, so you might need a smaller table as well. If you have a range of different ages, two separate tables will help you accommodate them.


Kid-friendly party favours will help keep everyone entertained during the boring parts of the reception. Things like colouring books and crayons, bubbles, small toys and jigsaws encourage children to play quietly and not disrupt the proceedings. You could also print a special souvenir booklet for kids, with interesting wedding-related things for them to read and keep afterwards.


When you're decorating the kids' table, you can let your imagination run wild making it fun and attractive. Use colourful child-friendly plates and glasses, cute little lights in lieu of candles, and as many balloons as you can manage; don't forget to make some special place cards in a fun style.

It's also nice to put a few cameras on the table for the kids to use. You're guaranteed to be entertained when you look at the results when your wedding day is over.

Keep these decor and furnishing ideas in mind as you look into wedding decor hire for your event.