Questions to Ask Any Party Hire Company When Planning an Event

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Questions to Ask Any Party Hire Company When Planning an Event

18 September 2017
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If you're planning any type of event, it's good to work with a party hire company; this type of company will have everything you need under one roof, and might even offer items you didn't realize were available, so you may get inspired by their decorative pieces and other such rentals. When you are ready to work with a party hire company, however, note a few questions to ask, so you don't make any assumptions about their products or services, and so your event is as stress-free as possible.

Ask about delivery options

If you have your own truck, you might be thinking of picking up some items so that you can save on delivery charges. Not all party hire companies will allow this, as some pieces will be very delicate and will need proper handling  while in transit. On the other hand, larger and more sturdy items, such as tables and chairs, may be picked up, depending on the company. Ask about this beforehand, so you can make your plans and know if there is any possibility of saving money on delivery by using your own vehicle.

Ask about damage and insurance

Don't assume that all potential damage to rental items will be covered by the party hire company's insurance; in many cases, small spots and stains on furniture, tablecloths, and other items won't cause an issue, or result in added fees. However, if you outright break a piece of furniture, dish, glass, and so on, you may wind up losing the deposit you put down at the time of rental, or may find yourself with a bill for replacement costs! Ask if they offer additional insurance, especially if you will have children at your event, or know it might be a rowdy crowd that is more likely to break or damage something.

Ask how late you can change or cancel the order

Never assume you can just call a party hire company the day of an event and cancel items, or swap them out for something different. A company may require a 48-hour or 72-hour notice for cancellations, or even longer, in order for you to get your entire deposit back. They may also need a certain lead time for swapping out items, especially if you're planning your event during peak seasons, when many people are renting items for weddings, graduations, holiday parties, and the like. Be sure you understand their policies and then double-check your plans within that allotted timeframe, so you can cancel or make changes as needed.